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CDGI is a Design-Built team with over 23 years experience and is know for its "Unique Buildings", including a diverse portfolio of projects throughout the San Diego area and abroad.

From its inception, CDGI has maintain the same ideals and principles that have allowed the firm to grow and strive for the last quarter century. Their philosophy, based on the laws of nature, and the guide of the environment, has never been so applicable as it is in today's age of eco-friendly design.

"We believe that true Design, is an organic approach from the inside-out rather than a predetermined image of historical icons. A few of the items that organize our thought process are intangibles such as natural light, wind, ventilation, views, noise and privacy factors, this coupled with the clients needs within a particular design, makes for the potencial of creating Architecture that is unique, truly custom, personal and one of a kind. Our philosophy is not based on any particular style, but on the culmination of paramenters that create the final image"

Their structures have been called 'Evolutionary, Organic Buildings', by some magazines critics. CDGI has been feature in several regional and nation-wide publications and have received numerous awards in recognition of their work.

CDGI works relentlessly with the client to develop a design that will capture the essence and soul of a building, yer meets all the specific whims and needs a client may have. The ever-evolving forms and intricate building detailing, along with their superior customer support has become CDGI glamorous personal signature style. For CDGI, Architecture is their way of life and principles and staff are committed to providing excellence in the advancement of our built environment.

Among some of the most unique prooyects built within San Diego Country are "Essencia" a multi-million Dollar residence located at the top of Hillside Drive in La Jolla, "Legacy" an award wining residence for the Sycuan casino, "Tour 'D' Elegance" Luxury Home Tour (wich received the prestigiousn SAM award), "Prism" major legue San Diego Padres baseball player personal residence in La Jolla, and "Energy" the lastest member of an exceptional list of distinctive properties recently completed in Rancho Del Rey.